Born and grew up in a town called Galeshewe, in South Africa.

Millitone began to love the “sound” of music, because it was his escape from his hard life, coming from broken home and streets...He was introduced to sequencing software by a friend who loves music as much as he does. 

He actually plays in various local clubs around Johannesburg and Kimberley, in parties and ANC conferences. He is a Hip Pop DJ and producer of new and emerging African artists.

Also been playing in major gigs and CD launches.  

 The house music he prefers is really groovy and moving with a lot of African and deep elements. He has been working with a lot of musicians and desires to inspire other guys who are in the same suffering situation, to not give up through music…as he says,“ If we follow our heart, everything is possible”.

He has been collaborating with Proceed Records on the latest Stephanie Cooke Single “Move your body” and has been introduced to Soul Town Records who signs him under the NY Based  Label.

His first solo album “DEVOTION” will be released in February 21st 2014 on traxsource, Itunes and all stores.

The Project will contain 9 songs, arranged by him, and performed mainly by the  Talented South African Vocalist, Ivan Fywus.

Anticipating  “DEVOTION” is The “Triple Single”  with  the song “Takin me Hier” duet Performed by Ivan Fywus and John Palm, together soulfully inspired by this tribal deep tune.

“Do your thang” feat. Leggo ,is a spoken word oriented that has a repetitive  clapping   that will make move your body on the dance floor.

The last of the 3 is “come closer” deep and soulful performed and written by Georgia Cee.

Stay tune and be ready for “DEVOTION”.