Slik Walker, starts singing in church and writes music in song format early teen age. He has been part of the New York Underground clubs' scenes since 1988 as "Sound Factory" bar, Club "Shelter", to name a few. Dancer for Hilton Battle at the Shebert Theater. He auditions for Broadway to part of “Rent” show.He starts to perform in Greece, Athens at club Asoss, With his deep soul and voice Slik is a performer at 360 degrees including songwriting, singing and dancing. He has a huge appeal, and his lyrics come from his deepest passion and devotion for Soul Music.His style is a mix of tribal house with a lot of influences, from classic soul to funk music. Some of his favorite artists, you can really feel in his voice, is Luther Vandross.With Soul Town Records, Slik starts a collaboration with a few Producers world wide and his first single “By the way” released June 2013 is extrapolated from his first new solo album, “SMH”, containing 8 songs.Many are the influences mixed together to consolidate his style.His music journey it’s ready to enlighten the dance floor through his original music and powerful sound. Be ready to shake your head with his rhythm!